Our Origin

Old Asian Lodge

We began as a project by retired Supreme Court advocate Shri M.G.B. Zari, The site of the Lodge was occupied by a run down public school, as the dwindling number of students forced the school to shut down, Mr. Zari envisioned the idea of a budget friendly and comfortable lodging house in close proximity to the city centers for the ease and conveniece of travellers. And thus Asian Lodge was born!

This photograph was taken in 1970.

Today, Asian Lodge is run and managed by the descendants of Shri M.G.B. Zari, 

Through the decades, Asian Lodge has been a safe, comfortable and accessible place of accommodation for all those who have entered our doors!

The property consists of 30 rooms and a fixed guest capacity of 90 persons.

This photograph was taken 50 years later in 2020.

Asian Lodge Exterior

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